One Book Can Change a Life

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The Reasoning Behind Literature

Across the world, millions of young girls are annually denied the right to an education, or in other words, the right to think independently, formulate ideas, and work towards a better future. Unfortunately, this lack of a sufficient, and accessible education remains too large of an issue to be tackled alone. This is why we must begin with something small, that also contains the power to change a life in countless ways. The answer? Books. It may only be one step on this long road to obtaining education for all, but it has the potential to begin a chain reaction that will eventually ripple into the word that so many dream about, equality. Because of this, I have formed Equality Through Education in the hopes that we, who have been born into such opportunity will reach back a hand for those who were not. All that we need to do so, is to donate books that will serve as kindling for all of those young, untested, and bright minds of the future. 



Creating Brighter Futures

There are many available paths for you to take in establishing change for these future leaders! My entire life I have been an artist, and I will always uphold the fact that art and creativity can change a life, if not the entire world with it. Because of this, I am consistently working on a gallery of art to sell to the public for donations in order to pay for the shipping of any acquired books across the world. Each any every purchased piece will ensure that somewhere, a young girl will be that much closer to achieving her dreams and reaching the stars. Alongside this, it is possible, and very appreciated for you to donate any, and all old school books, textbooks, or children's books that you may have! There are many different levels of education out there, so any form will be graciously accepted, whether it is a book of the alphabet, or your old high school physics textbook. And lastly, the most important way to support these young students is to read their stories, so that they might never be forgotten for their bravery, and determination to defeat the odds stacked against them.

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Supporting the Transport of Books Across Seas 

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Each Book Can Create a Previously Unimaginable Future

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The Individuals You Directly Impact

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“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”

Malala Yousafzai



From the time that I was a girl, I grew up listening, and dreaming about the stories from across the world that reached my ears within a small port town that was seemingly detached from any conflict. Even now, several years later I can still remember hearing the tales, and actions of female leaders from across the globe such as Malala Yousafzai, Emma Watson, and Michelle Obama. Out of these three individuals, I was always the most inspired by what they chose to do with the platforms that they each created, and how they never stopped fighting, regardless of any negativity that they received because of it. Compared to many other young women in the world, I have grown up with a seemingly privileged life, and for that I will never not be grateful. I have never known what it is to be silenced, to be unable to follow my dreams, and without the right to a proper education. I have never known what it is to travel to school with my friends one day, and not know if all of us will be returning home later that evening. Not once in my childhood education did I once have to worry whether I will be allowed to carry on my education, or whether my family will have enough money to continue sending me to school. As a child, I may not have realized these differences between myself and my fellow sisters, but now, as a 17 year old junior in high school I have fully learned, researched and determined that this inequality in education is something that I wish to help change. I know that if I possess the ability to supply just one school out of so many with necessary books for its future leaders, that this will be worth it. And even more than that, I know that if I am able to send just one girl, one child to school, then I have succeeded in my mission. I intend to use every ounce of what I have been given to aid these young women in their education, in the hopes that they will be able to follow their dreams, and reach the very stars as they deserve. Beyond that, I have created this page as a source of inspiration for others who also dream of a world in which every child, regardless of any circumstances will be able to grow up with an equal opportunity to succeed, and change the world for the better.



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